"I have been using Accountant Ready Bookkeeping for nearly 4 years. It was initially to provide training on QuickBooks, however I found with Jennifer's extensive knowledge in business and practical support she provides, the service she gives has been an asset to our company. As a result in using Accountant Ready Bookkeeping, not only has it saved us from huge accountant bills I have gained a wealth of knowledge!


I found going to an accountant intimidating. They generally have the 'book smarts' from what they learn at university, but have no practical experience in running a small business. They tend to speak in
"accounting" language.


Because Jennifer has both the knowledge and past experience in running her own businesses she makes accounting and bookkeeping easy to understand.

I would definitely recommended Accounting Ready Bookkeeping to anyone in business. It will save you time and money."


Melissa Gulliver, Gloria Jeans Coffees Mackay